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Successful export growth is more about plans, people, process & tools, and less about chance.
  • Welcome & Introductions
  • International Sales - The Opportunity
  • Export Strategy
  • Customer Relationships
  • People, Process & Tools
  • Policies & procedures
  • Trade Risks
  • Payment Terms Options
  • Benefits of Strategic Partners
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70% of the worlds purchasing power is located outside of the india . 95% of customers outside of the indian people for other countries export - typically to only one country.


Nearly 87% of economic growth over the next 5 years will take place inside and outside of the india .

Benefits of Going Global

Diversity business & expand market share
Increase customer base
Increase top line sales & bottom line profits
Reduce fixed costs
Optimize production capacity
Reduce seasonal market fluctuations

Exports as Part of the Growth Strategy

Product & Market Assesment

Assess demand for product or service
Pericing & market trends
Product or packaging modifications
Regularly & legal requirements
Country risk

Internal Assessment

Impact on our business
Export plan serves as roadmap & guage to measure success

Sales Channel


Has execute rights to sell your product in one or more countries

Export Trading Company (ETC):

Deal with multiple manufacturer's handle all aspects of sales & marketing in a given territiory


Has the right to use your trademark & manufacture products under certain restriction


Buys directly from you and sells to consumers


An operation fully owned by your company

Distributor Selections

Selecting the right partner is crucial to long term business success
Strong relationship with distributor is key
Does your product fit into their long term strategy?
Agreement structure
-- Exclusive vs Non-Exclusive
-- Territiory
-- Pricing & terms
-- Sales expectations
Contingency plan

The Team

Maintaining a highly skilled, passionate cross functional team working together to ensure overall success is fundamental for international growth

Working environment with open communications & shared accountability
Hire people wit international business, logistics or across your organizations
Invest in ongoing training across your organization
3rd party partner are part of the team(i.e. banks,forwarders,specially provider)

Opportunities for Successful Exporting